Pulse Wave

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Pulse Wave
Type Special Blaster
Variant Count 2
Source Noble Politician
Fusion Material Dark Steel

Pulse Wave is a Special (SPEC) Weapon.

T10 Stats

Shots Damage RoF Range Description
3 10.75


10 9.45 An unstable energy weapon. Sends rippling distortion [sic] that rend metal.


  • Pulse Wave's two outer shots change their angular deviance from center as the weapon is fired continuously.
    • Namely, their angular deviance from center, in degrees, follows the pattern 0-4-8-4-0-4-8-12-8-4, producing a double-helical bullet pattern.


  • The T10 version of this weapon comes with a "15% more damage taken" debuff, in exchange for the high damage it gains. The T9 version does not share the damage boost or debuff.
  • Pulse Wave is currently one of two weapons that receive more than just extra damage upon being upgraded, the other being Fire Bird.


  • Pulse Wave originally had lower damage and no damage taken debuff, but was changed due to being a mediocre weapon, and because of an in-joke among Discord members that having a "Curse Wave" drop for you meant you were going to die soon.


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