Quantum Reach

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Quantum Reach
Type Legendary Blaster
Variant Count 1
Source 3 Brothers

Quantum Reach is a Legendary Weapon.

T10 Stats

Shots Physical RoF Range Description
1 17.86 + 3.15 Fire 5 7 It is rumoured that the bullets of this gun enter reality from a possible future
1 17.86 + 3.15 Lightning 7
1 17.86 + 3.15 Water 7


  • Quantum Reach's blast is unique in the sense that it does not fire directly from the player, but rather a few units away from the player, effectively creating a small blind spot near the player where the blaster cannot aim.
    • Aside from this, the Quantum Reach has the same firing pattern as typical blasters; One shot directly forward and two more shots deviating 7.5° from forward on either side.
    • Each of the 3 shots deals its own minor elemental damage, namely fire, lightning, and water.
  • All bullets pierce through enemies.


Quantum Reach.gif
  • Compared to Nuclear Blaster (T10 Blaster), the Quantum Reach deals about ~19% more raw bullet damage , and its elemental damage is spread over not only water, but also fire and lightning. This effectively makes the blaster a more viable and versatile choice overall.
  • The blaster's 3 elemental damage nature means that it is very effective against poison enemies, moderately effective against fire and water enemies, neutral against ice, and less effective against lightning enemies.
    • It is very effective against poison enemies as they do not resist any of the 3 elements, and they are weak against one of the elements (Fire).
    • It is moderately effective against fire and water enemies because they are both weak to 1 element (water and lightning respectively), but strong against 1 element (fire and water respectively), effectively granting a 50% damage bonus against these enemies (100% dmg bonus - 50% dmg weakness = 50% dmg bonus)
    • It is neutral against ice enemies as none of the elements react with them.
    • It is weak against lightning enemies because they are resistant to the lightning element, and have no weaknesses to the other elements.
  • The blaster's piercing effect along with a decent RoF and DPS makes this weapon an excellent choice in wiping out large crowds of enemies with ease.