Rebel City

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Go to the Hangar to create, select, or retire aircraft. By default, players have two slots in the Hangar for their planes and hovercraft, with a 3rd being unlocked upon reaching Pilot Rank 12.

Mission Transport

The Mission Transport, stationed beyond the Workshop and Pilot School, is always taking on pilots for transport to the war front. Players can select from a list of available Missions to travel to The Island and take the fight to the Feline Empire.

Pilot's Pub

The Pilot's Pub is where players accept daily Bounties and Daily Rewards.

Pilot School

The Pilot School, accessible only after the player has crashed a plane, is where players can go to learn or change their Pilot Skills.


The Storage facility is where players can securely store items. Items placed in Storage are not damaged upon crashing. By default, players begin with sixteen slots in the Storage facility, with up to 12 additional slots earned periodically by increasing Pilot Rank.

The Workshop

The Workshop is where players can craft high-tier equipment using various ingredients found on The Island. Players can also craft cosmetic trails from Gems acquired in some dungeons.

Combat Sim

The Combat Sim is where players can test their skills in a randomly generated arena each day, either solo or with their flock.


Players can purchase paint, trails, plane variants, repair kits, storage upgrades, and more at the Store using either Iron or Gold.