Reeducation Camp

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The Reeducation Camp is a Tier 10 difficulty dungeon. It is a source of Research Dept Formula and the Mysterious Supplies ingredient.

This dungeon has Fire Elemental Attacks, so it is best to equip Fire Cladding and Water Elemental weapons.


Reeducation Camp Key.png The Reeducation Camp Mission Key is available in the Shop for 2000 Gold.png


Reeducation camp ss.PNG


  • MaxSec Guard
  • Fire Fountain
  • Fireling
  • Prison Klaxon
  • Fire Guard
  • Augmentation Therapist
  • Flame Probe Cache
  • Fire Strafer
  • Mad Prisoner
  • Flame Thrower
  • Sniper Tower
  • Miniboss: Converted Prisoner Converted Prisoner.png



Traitor Phoenix

Drops of Interest

Item Drops From
Tier 8 Equipment Traitor Phoenix Phoenix.png
Tier 9 Equipment Traitor Phoenix Phoenix.png
Research Dept Formula Research Dept Formula.png Traitor Phoenix Phoenix.png
Heat Reflector Heat Reflector.png Converted Prisoner Converted Prisoner.png

Treasure Treasure.png

Mysterious Supplies Traitor Phoenix Phoenix.png

Treasure Treasure.png

Self-Repair Juice Self-Repair Juice.png Traitor Phoenix Phoenix.png
Fire Elemental Weapons Traitor Phoenix Phoenix.png
Fire Bird Wasp.png Traitor Phoenix Phoenix.png
Flame Gem Flame Gem.png Traitor Phoenix Phoenix.png