Shield Blast

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Shield Blast
Used By Dagger Knight
Effect Type Cloud
Steam Cost 50
Duration 3 seconds
Cooldown 4 seconds

Grants a temporary shield to itself and nearby allies.

Shield Blast is a Secondary Ability.


On activation, Shield Blast emits a protective blast and immediately begins its cooldown. Players caught in the blast, including the caster, are granted a shield which greatly reduces damage taken for up to 3 seconds (the damage reduction stacks multiplicatively with other sources of damage reduction). Additionally, the blast grants the caster a 3-second combat buff which increases Damage by 20% and reduces Cooldown by -75% (multiplicative), but also reduces Range by -75% (multiplicative).

Only one shielding effect from a Shield Blast can be applied to a player at a time --- getting shielded by a Shield Blast while still shielded by a previous Shield Blast will overwrite the old shield with the new shield.


Item Rank Damage Reduction Damage Buff Blast Radius Duration
Tier 0 75% 20% 3.25 3
Tier 1 21% 3.375
Tier 2 22% 3.5
Tier 3 23% 3.625
Tier 4 24% 3.75
Tier 5 25% 3.875
Tier 6 26% 4
Tier 7 27% 4.125
Tier 8 28% 4.25
Tier 9 29% 4.375
Tier 10 30% 4.5