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When you join a mission, you are immediately teleported to a squad of players that are doing the same mission. One of the players will be assigned as a squad leader, usually the strongest or most veteran player. In most missions, if the squad is far away from a mission target, the leader can instantly teleport much closer, and any player that gets separated from the leader can quickly teleport to join them.

Everyone within a squad will be pointed at the same mission target with the radar indicator. Your radar will only show the other players in your squad, and a prominent indicator of the current squad leader. If you get too far away from your squad, the camera starts to zoom in a bit, limiting your vision and reminding you that you’re not with your squad. At the same time, it is highlighted that you can quickly teleport to the squad leader with a button press.

Players that are weaker than their squad leader will get an armor and damage boost.