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The Store is where players can buy special items, especially cosmetics, using either Iron Iron.png or Gold Gold.png.

Today's Special

  • Beginner Bundle (15000 Gold.png): +6 Storage slots, +2 Skill slots, +1 Hangar slot. Limit 1 per account.


Four items offered elsewhere in the Store may be sold here at a discount for a limited time.

Upgrades and Boosts

  • Repair Kit (250 Gold.png / 750 Iron.png)
    • Limited use repair kit. Starts with 5 charges.
  • Steam Canister (750 Gold.png / 2250 Iron.png)
    • Emergency steam supply. Limited use since it is basically a small explosive that instantly vaporizes water. Starts with 5 charges.
  • Meditation on Experience (1500 Gold.png / 6000 Iron.png)
    • When memorized, the pilot's mind flows with the Great Words. They learn faster. Double XP for 90 minutes. Single use.
  • Additional Plane Cargo Space (5000 Gold.png for 1st purchase, 6000 Gold.png for 2nd, 7000 Gold.png for 3rd)
    • 4 additional cargo spaces on your plane inventory. These spaces are added to the single shared cargo container used by all your planes. Maximum quantity per account: 3
  • Hangar Slot (7500 Gold.png)
    • 1 additional plane Hangar slot
  • Additional Secure Storage (7500 Gold.png)
    • 6 additional Storage spaces to keep items safe. You don't lose items stashed in storage when you are shot down.
  • Additional Skill Loadout (5000 Gold.png)
    • Another loadout for a different build of Pilot Skills. Swap between these in the Pilot School.

Special Missions

  • Mission Bundle (8000 Gold.png)
  • Crypt of Cathulhu Key.png Mission Plans: Crypt of Cathulhu (1500 Gold.png)
  • The Elder Arena Key.png Mission Plans: The Elder Arena (2000 Gold.png)
  • Frozen Owl Monastery Key.pngMission Plans: Frozen Owl Monastery (2000 Gold.png)
  • Reeducation Camp Key.png Mission Plans: Reeducation Camp (2000 Gold.png)
  • The Vaults Key.png Mission Plans: The Vaults (2000 Gold.png)
  • Super Secret Base Key.png Mission Plans: Super Secret Base (2000 Gold.png)
  • Temple of Bast Key.png Mission Plans: Temple of Bast (2000 Gold.png)
  • Venom Compound Key.png Mission Plans: Venom Compound (2000 Gold.png)
  • The Dig Key.png Mission Plans: The Dig (2000 Gold.png)
  • Iron Lair Key.png Mission Plans: Iron Lair (2000 Gold.png)
  • Apex Military Academy Key.png Mission Plans: Apex Military Academy (1500 Gold.png)


  • Tier 1 Emotes (1000 Gold.png / 3000 Iron.png)
    • Maximum quantity per account: 1
    • Emotes: Thumbs up!, Thumbs down, Warning, Charge!, Disco, Love!, Music Notes, Wave, Out of Steam!.
  • Tier 2 Emotes (7000 Gold.png / 21000 Iron.png)
    • Maximum quantity per account: 1
    • Emotes: Epic love!, Epic Fireworks, Wings, Confetti Cannon, LOL, Rainbow Love!.


  • Tier 1 Trails (1000 Gold.png / 3000 Iron.png)
    • Trails: Helix Series, Plasma Series
  • Tier 2 Trails (7000 Gold.png / 21000 Iron.png)
    • Trails: Galaxy Series, Flame Series, Blast Series

Paint Shop

  • Tier 1 Paints (1000 Gold.png / 3000 Iron.png)
    • Body Colors: Gray, Dark gray, Green, Dark yellow-orange, Dark blue, Deep Sea (sales only), Very dark purple (sales only)
    • Detail Colors: Gray, Dark gray, Green, Dark yellow-orange, Dark blue, Very dark blue, Very dark purple
  • Tier 2 Paints (2000 Gold.png)
    • Body Colors: Orange, Yellow-orange, Yellow, Yellow-green, Teal, Purple, Dark orange, Dark yellow-green, Dark teal, Night forest, Very dark violet
    • Detail Colors: Yellow, Yellow-green, Teal, Purple, Dark vermillion, Dark orange, Dark yellow, Very dark yellow-orange, Very dark green
  • Tier 3 Paints (4000 Gold.png)
    • Body Colors: White, Black, Red
    • Detail Colors: White, Black, Red

Plane Variants

Once purchased, Plane Variants can be chosen upon initial creation of the appropriate class of aircraft, replacing the class's name with that of the variant when inspected in the Hangar.