Super Secret Base

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The Super Secret Base is a Tier 10 difficulty dungeon. It is a source of Rubber Sealant and the Prototype Parts ingredient.

In the dungeon there is a possible Miniboss/Treasure Loot that can drop Nucleation-Active Protein.

This dungeon has Ice Elemental Attacks, so it is best to equip an Ice Mirror and Poison Elemental weapons.


Super secret base ss.PNG


  • Mammoth-2
  • Concealed Turret
  • Sentinel-1
  • Sentinel-2
  • Sentinel-3
  • Defender Cannon
  • Winter Guard
  • Winter Commander
  • Gun Platformer

* Miniboss: Mammoth-1



Doomsday Mechanism

Drops of Interest

  • Prototype Parts
  • Tier 8 Equipment
  • Tier 9 Equipment
  • Rubber Sealant Rubber Sealant.png
  • Nucleation-Active Protein Nucleation-Active Protein.png
  • Armor Stiffener Armor Stiffener.png
  • Tesla Armor Armor2.png
  • Doomsday Shotgun.png
  • Doom Gem Doom Gem.png