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Supercharging is a feature available at the Workshop that allows players to upgrade certain weapons and equipment beyond Pristine condition, resulting in one or more small stat boosts.

Supercharging requires a Pristine-quality T9 or higher item to be used as a base, as well as a tier-specific quantity of Scrap and Nanites. The Scrap and Nanites are then consumed, and the base item gains an extra stat based on each nanite. There is no limit to how often you can supercharge an item, although the stats gained each time will overwrite previous rolls.

Although Supercharging elevates an item to a condition above Pristine, it will still become Scuffed (-2% effectiveness) upon crashing.

The following table lists the materials needed in order to supercharge each tier of equipment.


Item # Nanites Scrap
Tier 9 5 Upgrades 10500
Tier 10 3 26000
Elemental I 2 45000
Elemental II 2 50000
Elemental III 2 55000
Crafted I 4 80000
Crafted II 4 85000
Crafted III 4 90000
Special I 6 85000
Special II 6 90000
  • T9 items use Upgrades instead of Nanites for Supercharging, and as such are limited to base stat increases only: +damage for Weapons, +Steam Recharge for Steam Engines, etc.

Intrinsic supercharge bonus

Each item, when supercharged, gets an intrinsic bonus. These bonuses are guaranteed to be added to the item as a result of supercharging, even if all the nanites used for the process did not roll a bonus. Every item has its own unique intrinsic bonus as listed in the table below.

Type Image Item Bonus
Armor Armor T10.png T10 Armor +1 Armor
Armor2.png Jhirin Sheerudo +1 Armor, +0.4% Damage
Armor2.png ELEM Armor +1 Armor, +1.6% Resist
Armor T10.png Meowza Armor +1 Armor, +2% BONUS to base*
Weapons Machine Gun.png All Weapon Types +1% Damage
Blaster.png Pulse Wave II +1% Damage, -0.3% Damage Received
Engines Damage Engine T10.png T10 Damage +1.4% Damage
Armor Engine T10.png T10 Armor Repair +1.4% Armor Repair
Steam Engine T10.png T10 Steam Recharge +1.8% Steam Recharge
Attack Area T10.png T10 Quad +2% Cloud Radius, -2% Secondary Cost
Aura of Healing T8.png T10 Paladin +2% Cloud Radius, -2% Secondary Cost
Bite t8.png T10 Vampire +2% Cloud Radius, -2% Secondary Cost
Flak T10.png T10 Merlin +0.07 Steam Recharge
Flak T10.png T10 Siege Tank +0.03 Steam Recharge, +1% Damage
T10 Shieldmaiden +2% Cloud Radius, -2% Secondary Cost
T10 Oldfaithful +1% Secondary Damage
T10 Medic +2% Cloud Radius, -2% Secondary Cost
T10 Duster/Assault +2% Cloud Radius, -2% Secondary Cost
T10 Dagger Knight No bonus
T10 Hog +1% Secondary Damage, +1% Poison Damage
T10 Bandit +2% Secondary Damage, -2% Secondary Cost
T10 Engineer +2% Turret Damage, -2% Secondary Cost
T10 Raptor -2% Secondary Cooldown, -2% Secondary Cost
SPEC Abilities Flak SPEC.png Merlin Staff +0.07 Steam Recharge, +0.2% Damage, +0.1 Armor
Flak T10.png Sawed-Off Flakgun +0.01 Steam Recharge, +1.4% Damage
Pet Turret +2% Turret Damage, -2% Secondary Cost
Stoic Shield No Bonus
Sledgehammer Shield No Bonus
Spiritual Oasis +2% Cloud Radius, -2% Secondary Cost, +0.2% Maneuver Cost
Hunter Killer -2% Secondary Cooldown, -2% Secondary Cost
  • Note there are many different M2 armors, each having different bonuses. In general each individual bonus gets a +2% boost.


Nanites are special items crafted using 5 Upgrades of the same type, or 500 Copper, which are used to supercharge or reforge equipment.

When reforging equipment, nanites are consumed to restore damaged items to Pristine condition, but do not grant any bonuses.

When supercharging equipment, each nanite has a chance to add small boosts to one or more stats, with the stats gained being dependent on the type of nanite. In the case of a nanite having multiple possible stats, each of those stats is a separate random roll. This means that if a nanite has 3 possible stats, you could get all of them if you're very lucky.

Name Made with Stat(s)
Barrel Dopant.png
Damage Nanite
Barrel Dopants +1% Damage
Armor Stiffener.png
Armor Nanite
Armor Stiffeners +1% Armor
Self-Repair Juice.png
Repair Nanite
Self-Repair Juice +2% Armor Self-Repair
Fusion Capacitor.png
Max Steam Nanite
Fusion Capacitors +1% Max Steam
Steam Turbocharger.png
Steam Nanite
Steam Turbochargers +2% Steam Recharge
Cowl Lube.png
Speed Nanite
Cowl Lube +2% Super Speed
Rubber Sealant.png
Lightning Defense Nanite
Rubber Sealant +2% Shockproofing, +1% Turn Rate, -1% Secondary Steam Cost
Transformer Coil.png
Lightning Attack Nanite
Transformer Coils +1% Shock Damage, +1% Camera View, -1% Secondary Cooldown
Heavy Caulk.png
Water Defense Nanite
Heavy Caulk +2% Water Sealant, +2% Range, +1% Turret Damage
Wetting Agent.png
Water Attack Nanite
Wetting Agents +1% Water Damage, +1% Vortex Size, +1% Bash Damage
Heat Reflector.png
Fire Defense Nanite
Heat Reflectors +2% Fire Armor, +1% Bash Damage, +1% Secondary Damage
Research Dept Formula.png
Fire Attack Nanite
Research Dept Formula +1% Fire Damage, +1% Cloud Radius, +1% Turn Rate
Antidote Powder.png
Poison Defense Nanite
Antidote Powder +2% Poison Filter, -1% Maneuver Cost, +1% Cloud Radius
Diatomaceous Solution.png
Poison Attack Nanite
Diatomaceous Solution +1% Poison Damage, +1% Secondary Damage, +2% Range
Whale Oil.png
Ice Defense Nanite
Whale Oil +2% Ice Armor, -1% Secondary Cost, +1% Camera View
Nucleation-Active Protein.png
Ice Attack Nanite
Nucleation-Active Protein +1% Ice Damage, -1% Secondary Cooldown, +1% Vortex Size
Copper Nanite
Copper +2% All Elemental Defense, +1% All Elemental Damage