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Sword tip deals bonus damage.

Swords, weapons only usable by the Paladin and Vampire, project a plasma chainsaw which rapidly damages enemies. Max Speed (and Super Speed by extension) is reduced by 20% while such a chainsaw is active.

Swords fire two invisible enemy-piercing bullets whenever a plasma chainsaw is being projected. One of these invisible bullets starts at a location 4.75 units ahead of the Sword user (around the chainsaw's tip) and has an RoF of 10/s; the other invisible bullet, specifically shaped for use on Swords, is deployed at a location 2.5 units ahead of the Sword user (around the middle of the chainsaw's body) and has an RoF of 20/s. Both of these invisible bullets can be affected by Aura of Attack and Attack Area buffs at the usual cost of reduced RoF for the duration. However, because Swords have a range of essentially 0, instead having bullet Offset, they are practically unaffected by modifiers that increase Range.

Pilot Skills

Skill Tier Pilot Rank Option A Option B
1 6 Pristine

Effecticon armorboost.png Armor at least 80%:

  • Damage Received: -12% - 3% (-24% at max)
Foot Armor

Effecticon armorboost.png While not superspeeding

  • Damage Received: -6% - 2% (-14% at max)
2 20 Steam Blade

Effecticon damageboost.png While firing:

  • Damage: +18% + 5% (+38% at max)
  • Steam Recharge: -1/s

Effecticon steamboost.png While not firing:

  • Steam Recharge: +19% + 4% (+35% at max)
Heart Blade

Effecticon damageboost.png While firing:

  • Damage: +18% + 5% (+38% at max)
  • Armor Self-Repair: -0.5/s

Effecticon healthboost.png While not firing:

  • Armor Self-Repair: +19% + 4% (+35% at max)
3 54 Desperado

Effecticon speedgun.png Armor below 50%:

  • Cooldown: -35% - 5% (-55% at max)

Effecticon healthboost.png Armor below 50%:

  • Armor Self-Repair: +1/s + 0.25/s (+2/s at max)
4 101 Linked Health

While firing while armor at least 80%:

  • Continuously fire gun
    • Physical: 40
    • Range: 19.6
    • RoF: 1

Effecticon armorboost.png On kill:

  • Damage Received: -7% - 2% (-15% at max)
  • Duration: 4s
  • Stacks up to 3 times
  • Sword 2-A applies its Steam Recharge reduction before all other modifiers, including the plane-specific +300% modifier that raises the Paladin's base Steam Recharge from 0.4/s to 1.6/s.
    • Due to the nature of stat interactions, Sword 2-A causes the Paladin to lose 2.4 Steam per second while firing, ignoring all percentage-based Steam Recharge increases from other sources. Percentage-based Steam Recharge decreases still apply multiplicatively, reducing the rate of Steam loss while firing.
  • Sword 3-A significantly reduces the reload time of Swords while the player's Armor is below 50%.
  • Sword 4-A's name (Linked Health) and function pay homage to the sword beam mechanic in several Legend of Zelda games, in which swinging one's sword would shoot energy beams while at full health.
    • Sword 4-A bypasses its RoF limitation while Paladin 4-B (Frenzy) is active, firing at the RoF of the equipped Sword rather than at its own pre-set RoF value.

Standard Variants

Name Physical Range RoF Ammo (sec) Cooldown Description
Tier 0 Laser Knife 0.53 0.25 10 0.7 1.5 An elegant weapon used by refined classes to settle disputes of honor.
1.35 0 20
Tier 1 Laser Cutlass 1.75 0.25 10 0.7 1.5 Miss Crane, Terror of the Blackened Rift, preferred a heavier fusion sword capable of lopping. Because she had much lopping in mind.
4.48 0 20
Tier 2 Laser Gladius 2.97 0.25 10 0.7 1.5 The instructor wearily repeated that only idiots wave a weapon about. Instead, short deliberate lunges makes the best use of its potent tip.
7.62 0 20
Tier 3 Laser Rapier 4.19 0.25 10 0.7 1.5 When his only child was finally found, he swore through his tears that they would never live past the end of summer.
10.75 0 20
Tier 4 Laser Epee 5.41 0.25 10 0.7 1.5 Found in a holy altar of Gyptian origins, gently placed alongside incandescent white bones that match no known creature.
13.88 0 20
Tier 5 Laser Sword 6.63 0.25 10 0.7 1.5 The more traditional mecha suits were modeled after knights from fables. There's an element of humorous theatrics in their melee-like weaponry.
17.01 0 20
Tier 6 Laser Falchion 7.85 0.25 10 0.7 1.5 The old republican fusion sword was a prop. We mimicked legend to give weight to our parades and ceremonial guards. This changed after the discovery of working samples in the salted flood plain of we believe was the Gyptian capital
20.14 0 20
Tier 7 Laser Katana 9.07 0.25 10 0.7 1.5 An interrupted stork demands vengeance.
23.27 0 20
Tier 8 Laser Bastard 10.29 0.25 10 0.7 1.5 It is a common practice to send embarrasing illegitimates to highly respected military schools. These specialize in turning out front line officers destined to lead suicide charges.
26.4 0 20
Tier 9 Laser Claymore 11.51 0.25 10 0.7 1.5 To dance with another means nothing if your toes suffer endless insults. Feel free to end such dances before the song finishes.
29.53 0 20
Tier 10 Executioner 12.73 0.25 10 0.7 1.5 Dull at the tip with a channel of molten metal down its core.
32.66 0 20

Executioner bullet pattern

T10 Executioner.gif

Crafted Variants

Elemental Variants

Special Variants