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|name = Ice Spear
|image = https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/557667090279170059/589123727720054785/ice_spear.gif
(put a representative image for the weapon's firing pattern here)
(for external images, simply use the URL as the argument. Note that external images cannot be resized.)
(for images already uploaded to this wiki, use [[File:imagename|150px|center]] as the argument, adjusting the name and size as needed)
|type = Sniper (recommended inputs: Blaster, Wasp, Sword, Arc, Laser, Sniper, Shotgun, Machine Gun)
|subtype = Ice (recommended inputs: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison, Water, Special)
|scrap = 10 (the scrap value found in the tooltips of the weapon)
|variant = 3
|source = The Frozen Horror
|fusion = White Steel (recommended inputs: Red Steel, Yellow Steel, Purple Steel, Blue Steel, White Steel, Dark Steel)

to get

Ice Spear
Type Ice Sniper
Variant Count 3
Scrap Value 10 Scrap.png
Source The Frozen Horror
Fusion Material White Steel