The Dig

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Sealed by authority of the Empress.

The Dig is a Tier 10 difficulty dungeon. It is a source of Antidote Powder and the Ancient Fossil ingredient.

The Abandoned/Ancient Supplies in this dungeon have a small chance of dropping Heat Reflectors, Research Dept. Formulas, and T9 equipment.

Unlike other T10 dungeons, this dungeon does not have an elemental affiliation.


The Dig Key.png The Dig Mission Key is available in the Shop for 2000 Gold.png


The dig ss.PNG


Upon entering the dungeon, you will obtain a mission exclusive to the dungeon called Defend the Drill. It requires you to make sure the Drill is alive for the entire dungeon order to obtain the loot from the Legendary Supplies at the end. If you fail to keep the Drill alive, you will not be able to access any rewards beyond the current tunnel; this includes any Abandoned/Ancient Supplies, as well as the Legendary Supplies.

L20 Defend the Drill

  • Fight the Deep Leviathan
  • Fight the Stone Worm
  • Defeat The Buried Guardian
  • Help the drill reach its destination
  • Get the Legendary Supplies


  • Rust Borer Rust Borer.png
  • Steel Borer Steel Borer.png
  • Stone Crawler
  • Stone Soldier Stone Soldier.png
  • Stone Elite Stone Elite.png
  • War Relic
  • Super Relic


  • Deep Leviathan
  • Stone Worm


Drops of Interest

Item Drops From
Ancient Fossil Buried Guardian Abandoned Supplies

Ancient Supplies

Tier 8 Equipment Abandoned Supplies

Ancient Supplies

Tier 9 Equipment Abandoned Supplies

Ancient Supplies

Antidote Powder Antidote Powder.png Abandoned Supplies

Ancient Supplies

Heat Reflector Heat Reflector.png Buried Guardian
Research Dept Formula Research Dept Formula.png Buried Guardian
Barrel Dopant Barrel Dopant.png Ancient Supplies
Poison Armor Armor2.png Ancient Supplies
Zed Dragon Laser.png Ancient Supplies
The Spitting Cat Machine Gun.png Ancient Supplies
Vault Gem Vault gem.png Buried Guardian

Ancient Supplies

Tips and Strategies

  • Stay in front of the Drill, and focus on destroying mines and turrets first before the enemies.
  • Repair Drones will repair the Drill even if it is at full HP. Don't waste them.
  • Additional Repair Drones are often hidden in side tunnels.
  • Most of the enemies in the dungeon cannot damage the Drill directly. If you can't kill them, just avoid their fire.