The Vaults

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The jewels of the empire under lock and key.

The Vaults is a Tier 10 difficulty dungeon. It is a source of Whale Oil and the Shiny Idol ingredient.

This dungeon has Poison Elemental Attacks, so it is recommended to equip Poison Armor and Fire Elemental weapons.


The Vaults Key.png The Vaults Mission Key is available in the Shop for 2000 Gold.png


The vaults ss.PNG


Upon entering the dungeon, you will obtain a mission called "Become Worthy of Treasure!" There will be a Strange Altar to Horus near the entrance, which you must open to obtain the dungeon's rewards. In advancing through the dungeon, you will encounter several minibosses. After defeating all 3 of them, locate the Golden Key at the end of the dungeon, which you have to escort back to the Horus Altar while being periodically ambushed by enemy Guard Dropships. Return the key to the Horus Altar and attack it to receive your loot.

L20 Become Worthy of Treasure!

  • Find the key!
  • Escort the key to the Altar
  • Open treasure


  • Laser Gate
  • Laser Grid
  • Shock Eye
  • Security Node
  • Security Satellite
  • Immortal Guard
  • Treasure Guard
  • Guard Dropship
  • Anti-theft Turret
  • Thief Zapper
  • X-Mine II
  • X-Mine


  • Security Chief 001
  • Security Chief 002
  • Security Chief 003

Drops of Interest

Item Drops From
Tier 8 Equipment Horus Altar HorusAltar.png
Tier 9 Equipment Horus Altar HorusAltar.png
Shiny Idol Horus Altar HorusAltar.png Treasure Treasure.png
Whale Oil Whale Oil.png Horus Altar HorusAltar.png
Barrel Dopant Barrel Dopant.png Horus Altar HorusAltar.png
Cowl Lube Cowl Lube.png Treasure Treasure.png
Steam Turbocharger Steam Turbocharger.png Treasure Treasure.png
Ice Mirror Armor2.png Horus Altar HorusAltar.png
God Beam Blaster.png Horus Altar HorusAltar.png
Zemian Wasp Wasp.png Horus Altar HorusAltar.png
Vault Gem Vault gem.png Horus AltarHorusAltar.png