Thunder Brand

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Thunder Brand
Type Special Sword
Variant Count 2
Source Rei
Fusion Material Dark Steel

Thunder Brand is a Special (SPEC) Weapon.

Full T10 Stats

T9 variants have 90% of the T10 variant's damage values.

Shots Damage RoF Range Ammo Cooldown Description
1 15


8 0 24,000 0 A sword that generates a lightning field. Always charged.
4 5.625


  • Top row describes front sword bullet, and bottom row describes lightning tendrils back and to the sides.
  • All projectiles have a base bullet lifetime of 0.2 seconds (scaling with Range modifiers).


  • Compared to Executioner (T10 Sword), T10 Thunder Brand has reduced usable range (due to all bullets having zero offset), a firing pattern that is very difficult to fully utilize, and inferior fire rate and bullet damage; however, it fires five bullets per burst, never needs to reload and does not penalize movement speed while firing (standard Swords reduce movement speed by 20%).
    • T10 Thunder Brand has ~66% of Executioner's optimal sustained damage output if the user can only land hits with the sword bullet (this is increased to ~160% if the player is also able to hit with all lightning tendrils).


  • Thunder Brand's sword bullet is the visible version of the invisible sword bullets used on most other Swords.


Thunder Brand.gif