Unfriendly Duo

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Unfriendly Duo
Machine Gun.png
Type Crafted Machine Gun
Variant Count 3
Source Crafting
Fusion Material Yellow Steel

Unfriendly Duo is a Crafted Weapon.

T10 Stats

T8 and T9 variants have, respectively, 80% and 90% of the T10 variant's damage values.

Shots Physical RoF Range Ammo (Threshold) Cooldown Description
6 7.6 10 6.44 25 (25.333...) 0.5 Two guns named after a famous pair of criminals. When one of them died, the other began fighting using both of their guns.


  • Unfriendly Duo deals pure Physical damage, making it an excellent choice for newer planes lacking elemental damage upgrades.
  • The large magazine size, slower firing speed and extremely quick reload time are perfect for players who prefer an endless hail of bullets.
  • Does not reload until the magazine is completely empty.


Unfriendly Duo.gif