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  • Paladin - Perma-heals with steam pickups, does insane burst with sword, does insaner damage with skills, prevents new players from dying.
  • Dagger Knight - Snipers + cooldown buff is stronger, sprinkler + cooldown buff is absolutely ridiculous. Shield literally lets you eat nukes.


  • Quad - High damage, buff ability, and dual-stick. One of the strongest soloing classes.
  • Medic - On-demand healing, can revive allies, and does decent damage with elemental and spec wasps.
  • Raptor - Highest burst in the game, and gets iframe rolls. Has a high skillcap.
  • Duster - Gets snipers, has a bugged damage stat, and deals high damage with spins. Oh yeah, it can also buff itself.


  • Assault - Good damage, very tanky, can buff, and bashing is powerful. A very strong solo class, but gets outperformed in group play.
  • Merlin - Arcs deal consistent damage, Merlin is very fast, and wipes can clear a massive radius with skill stacking.
  • Bandit - Dual-stick + shotgun allows for incredible damage. Falls off in solo play.


  • Old Faithful - Jack of all trades, master of none. At least you can do some fancy gimmicks with weapon swapping.
  • Engineer - Can potentially reach top tier damage, but extremely dependent on steam.
  • Hog - The tankiest class in the game, can run through nukes if maxed. Doesn't really help the group.


  • Shieldmaiden - Doesn't have anything special going for it, shield aura is just a weaker Dagger Knight buff. Terrible for new players.
  • Siege Tank - Siege mode doesn't really do anything.

Last updated 9/16/19