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About Me or whatever

Wiki Editor Discord Member
Provider of Templates and Item Pictures Siege Tank Main

Hello! I'm Shows. There was a time when everyone in the ROTMG discord wouldn't shut up about SBA and so I eventually played it. I've had a bit of experience on working on different wikis with MediaWiki formatting. Since this wiki is also MediaWiki, this makes things a lot easier for me! I work on templates and images.

If you want to help provide images for the wiki, send me a DM on discord with a high quality in-game screenshot on an item or enemy without the UI covering it too much.

Classes I Like Playing

  • Quad
  • Paladin
  • Hog
  • Siege Tank :)
  • Duster
  • Merlin
  • Vampire

Wiki Editing Stuff


Wanna Contribute? Check These Pages!

All is found in Special:SpecialPages

You should check out the Stubs Category page to see a list of pages that are lacking and need some edits!


Work on Dungeon pages (?/20): (Tips might come later)

Add categories to:

  • All image files
  • All pages

Where Information is Obtained

List of enemies:

Static Drips: (For finding out HP, XP and Damage values)

How to calculate drop chances:

(Yes, this information is public in the Static Drips!)

    - weight: '58'
    - items:
      - id: dungeon_temple
      weight: '42'

As an example, we'll look at Kai's drop rate for his repsective dungeon in BOS2_kaijuDEATH.txt.

  • First, add the two weights together to get a sum of 100.
  • Next, do 42 divided by the sum which was 100.
  • You will get 0.42, and in order to get a percentage you have to multiply by 100.
  • The drop chance is 42% !

Personal Sandbox

Don't mind me here, just messing around with code for possible templates

Replicating in-game boxes