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Control Type Hovercraft
Unlock Requirement Level 20 Siege Tank
Starting Weapon Laser Knife
Primary Weapons Sword
Secondary Bite
Maneuver Redline
Initial Stats (Base Stats)
Armor 8.2 (10)
Damage 78% (100%)
Armor Self-Repair 0.6/s
Steam Recharge 0.4/s
Turn Rate 1440°/s
Max Speed 3.5
Super Speed 6.9
Plane Multipliers
x0.75 Damage
x0.8 Armor
+4% Damage per Level
+2.4% Armor per Level
x0.4 Turn Rate while superspeeding

The Vampire is a class in Steambirds Alliance.


The Vampire's maneuver, Redline, is unique in the sense it is not a movement ability. On activation, the Vampire continuously converts its armor into Steam at a 3:2 ratio as long as the button is held. Redline can reduce the Vampire's armor to 1, but will not cause fatal damage. It can still be used when at max Steam, but with no benefit.

Upgrade Limits

The Vampire has the following non-elemental upgrade limits (and the associated numerical effects at these limits):

  • Damage: 40 (+40%)
  • Armor: 30 (+30)
  • Armor Self-Repair: 30 (+0.36/s)
  • Max Steam: 10 (+10)
  • Steam Recharge: 40 (+0.16/s)
  • Super Speed: 10 (+0.3)

Pilot Skills

Skill Tier Pilot Rank Option A Option B
1 50 I Fight for the Living

Effecticon damageboost.png 2+ nearby players:

  • Main Gun Damage: +10% +5% (+20% at max)
  • Steam Recharge: +10% +5% (+20% at max)

Effecticon armorboost.png On maneuver start:

  • Redline Steam Recharge: +10% +5% (+20% at max)
  • Damage received: -4% -2% (-8% at max)
  • Duration: 0.25s
  • Cooldown: 0s
2 70 Bat Familiars

On secondary:

  • Fire blast from gun
    • Primary Gun Mount x5
    • Physical Damage: 10
    • Range: 12
    • RoF: 7
Blood Rush

Effecticon damageboost.png On secondary:

  • Main Gun Damage: +10% +5% (+20% at max)
  • Weapon Cooldown: -20% -10% (-40% at max)
  • Duration: 5s
  • Cooldown: 2.5s
3 90 Shadow Step

Effecticon damageboost.png While superspeeding:

  • Main Gun Damage: +15% +5% (+30% at max)
Mist Form

Effecticon armorboost.png While superspeeding:

  • Damage received: -6% -3% (-15% at max)
  • Armor Self-Repair -50%
4 110 Heart Beat

On kill:

  • Bite Self-heal: +6% +3% (+15% at max)
  • Bite Team heal: +15% +5% (+30% at max)
  • Bite heal radius: +15% +5% (+30% at max)
  • Duration: 3s
  • Cooldown: 2.5s
Blood Lust

Effecticon steamcost.png Armor below 30%:

  • Steam Recharge: +20% +10% (+40% at max)
  • Secondary Steam Cost: -10% -5% (-20% at max)
  • Vampire 1-B requires hitting a target with Bite to trigger, whereas Vampire 2-B does not.


  • At level 1 with its T0 initial loadout, the Vampire will have Armor and Damage values of, respectively, ~8.2 and 78% due to the effects of plane and leveling multipliers.

Plane Variants

Tier 1 (Common) Variants

  • Jezebel: Once you get to know Pepper, it's easy to appreciate her shameless confidence. She offers no apologies. Tired of constant vigilance.
  • Spiked Mercy: They studied ancient religious texts until dawn to find redemption for their role in war. The translation is difficult, but they found the mercy they were seeking and a bond with each other. A new vampire squadron was born.
  • Countess: The Countess has been resurrected from the rubble time and time again. Occasionally, she makes a concerning rattle. A fresh coat of paint hides old battle scars.
  • Luther: Sharp beaks can be a weapon on their own, but to those that favor this particular plane, nothing compares to sinking fangs into the vulnerable metal hull of a dictator's ship.

Tier 2 (Rare) Variants

  • Blade Crest: Feather gel allowed birds to achieve impressive spiked crests, a style that was quickly adopted by a team of popular Rebel mechanics with a cult following. Blade Crest planes are iconic, advertising an entire luxury lifestyle that accompanies the look.
  • Bloodline: Some rebels like to blend in. They wear the same dull caps, dusty goggles, and cracked brown jackets their parents wore. They sit at the end of the bar. Safe.

Tier 3 (Epic) Variants

  • Ghost Vampire: Legend says that if you start to make foolish choices in battle, a beautiful bird with white plumage and red eyes will appear in the reflection of the cockpit glass. Rebels joke about seeing him with their friends, but you would be lucky to escape him with your life.
  • Arctic Dawn: Rebels from the north are known for being tough. When the ice storm of '19 hit, they were the only ones who could see through the shards, like they were nothing but little water drops on the windshield.
  • Vital Plasma: Blood flows hot. Boiling. Your heartbeat pounds in your head. Everything else is silent, until you hear the cheers of your flock behind you and you know that together, you have won this fight.