Venom Compound

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Poison production in progress.

The Venom Compound is a tier 10 difficulty dungeon that has a chance to drop from White Spider. It is a source of Diatomaceous Solution.

This dungeon has Poison Elemental Attacks, so it is recommended to wear Poison Armor and Fire Elemental Weapons.


Venom Compound Key.png The Venom Compound Mission Key is available in the Shop for 2000 Gold.png


Venom compound ss.PNG


  • Egg
  • Factory Security
  • Venom Barrier
  • Containment Barrier
  • Cargo Collector
  • Cargo Snake
  • Offering Shepherd
  • Snake Servant

* Miniboss: Poison Convoy



Poison God

Drops of Interest

Item Drops From
Tier 8 Equipment Poison God DragonSnake.png
Tier 9 Equipment Poison God DragonSnake.png
Diatomaceous Solution Diatomaceous Solution.png Poison God DragonSnake.png

Poison Convoy Treasure Treasure.png

Barrel Dopant Barrel Dopant.png Poison God DragonSnake.png
Poison Elemental Weapons Poison God DragonSnake.png
Medusa Laser Laser.png Poison God DragonSnake.png
Venom Gem Venom Gem.png Poison God DragonSnake.png