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Wiper T8.png
Used By Merlin
Effect Type Vortex
Steam Cost 28.56-45
Duration 0.2 seconds
Cooldown 0.2 seconds

Wiper is a Secondary Ability.


On activation, Wiper removes all bullets around the caster and immediately begins its cooldown. Missiles and other non-bullet projectiles (such as Guard Lion's bullet-spawning fireball) are not removed by this ability.


Wiper items, in addition to increasing vortex size, grant passive Steam Recharge while equipped.

Name Steam Recharge Steam Cost Vortex Size Description
Tier 0 Classic Wiper +1 28.56 3 Can turn nearby bullets into dust. Great for sneaking into close range.
Tier 1 Decent Wiper +1.03 31.04 3.158 Only slightly better but a lot less ugly.
Tier 2 Echo Wiper +1.06 33.74 3.333 Standard issue Wiper used by Bat Force. Mostly obsolete, but still usable.-*
Tier 3 Rebellious Wiper +1.1 36.67 3.529 The Steambirds's mass-production version of the Wiper.
Tier 4 Shock Wiper +1.13 39.86 4.063 Newly added suspension improves efficiency.
Tier 5 Professional Wiper +1.16 40.68 4.333 This new model makes 95% less noise and odor.
Tier 6 Elite Wiper +1.2 41.51 4.643 You are now an ELITE Wiper user. Wow!
Tier 7 Wind Shield Wiper +1.23 42.35 5 This Wiper uses wind to stop bullets. Also improves visibility in rain.
Tier 8 Superior Wiper +1.26 43.22 5.833 Before Wiper tech, we mostly just shot at their bullets.
Tier 9 Heavy Wiper +1.3 44.1 6.364 Some say these bullets are transferred to an alternate dimensions where we are shot twice...
Tier 10 Void Wiper +1.33 45 7 Bullets within range are forgiven of all violent sin and returned to the void.