Zed Dragon

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Zed Dragon
Type Special Laser
Variant Count 2
Source The Dig
Fusion Material Dark Steel

Zed Dragon is a Special (SPEC) Weapon.

T10 Stats

T9 variants have 90% of T10 damage values.

Shots Physical RoF Range Sync Offset (sec) Ammo (Threshold) Cooldown Description
1 120 + 114 Lightning 10 9.75 0 1 (2) 3 Fires kinetic energy. Designed by a master of aerial arts. (Hold down fire button for rapid fire)
1 7 + 5.7 Lightning 10 9 0 1 (2) 3
2 10 10 4 1 10 (10.5) 2
  • Top row describes the primary shot's "head", middle row describes the projectile's trail, bottom row describes rapid-fire mode.


  • Zed Dragon is one of the most coveted weapons in the game, due to its primary shot being a long-range, piercing projectile with a high amount of Lightning damage.
  • When buffed by Attack Area or Aura of Attack, 2 primary shots are fired, resulting in extreme damage and additional area coverage.
  • However, Zed Dragon suffers from a slow reload time, as well as a short range and lack of piercing on its rapid-fire mode.
  • It is best used to clear large groups of enemies, or to hit bosses that are behind enemies.


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